Air Force Memorial in Washington, DC

During the summer of 2006, Marcel Mächler spent three months carving the seemingly endless inscriptions into the Jet Mist and Black Absolut Granite Walls. 

Bas-relief symbols carved included the Medal of Honor, twice, "Hap Arnold" Air Force Wings, "Hap Arnold" Air Force 5-Star General Rank and the Air Force Identity.

All work was performed on-site during the construction of the Memorial.

The grey Jet Mist granite inscriptions included: the Memorial Entrance Identity, the USAF Dedication Wall, quotation walls with quotes by Billy Mitchell, General Spaatz, Ronald Reagan and 'Hap' Arnold, plus, finally, a promontory: the Dedication Stone.

The Black Absolute granite North and South Incsription Walls received engravings of the six virtues of the Air Force with respective quotations, listings of all "Theaters of Operations" as well as Air Force Medal of Honor recipients.

The work concluded with the carving of a memorial to James Ingo Freed, who didn't live to see his design completed.