Angel of Grief

For the grave of her daughter Blair, who died in a tragic car accident, the mother desired something exceptional to commemorate her.
After extensive research she contacted me due to my restoration work at the (Lathrop Memorial) Angel of Grief at Stanford University. Together we developed an Angel of Grief more compact and less vulnerable to vandalism, yet just as expressive.
The material was to be Carrara Marble, consisting of one block each for the base, the pedestal and the slightly larger than life size angel. This set was sitting on a Sierra White granite base. Two benches with inscriptions by E. E. Cummings were also a part of the monument.

For the half size plaster model, which was required for the full size carving, Larry Noble, a renown sculptor, also local to the San Bernardino mountains, made the clay model. Close cooperation during the clay model production, additional changes to the plaster model itself, and further refining of full scale details on the actual marble angel led to a priceless sculpture of highest quality and superb expression.